if not now, then when?

Originally, V-I-R.US was born 2008 out of a playful questioning of the tradition of necessarily linking presentations of art with the gathering of the largest possible audience as a measure of success.
Suddenly, however, the project takes on a strange, additional significance due to the current need to put an end to excessive, permissive and long-range physical mobility - climate crisis, pandemic:

Increasingly frequent crises show that we have relied too much on the self-evident functioning of physical space and the logistics coupled with it. The thin ice that has become visible and on which we have been moving for years urgently calls into question the meaningfulness of the sacred cow of the alternative-less shared experience at close quarters, also in questions of art education, because the physical world, which is fixated on permanent growth, will reach its limits more and more often and more dramatically.

Better to welcome inevitable changes than to lament them.
And examine them for their innovative potential.
High time for the.V-I-R.US/connection to explore and promote the inevitable and permanent expansion of the planet into the virtual macrocosm.